Tri-ang Railways was a British manufacturer of toy trains, one of the elements of the Lines Bros Ltd company. The Tri-ang Railways name was dropped a few years after Lines Bros took over the Hornby name although the majority of the trains were still the original Tri-ang models. As well as 00/H0 gauge, Tri-ang made TT gauge models from 1957 to at least 1967. In 1964, Hornby Dublo, a division of Meccano Ltd, had stopped production and Meccano Ltd invited Lines Bros. Ltd to buy them out. Tri-ang purchased the company including a large amount of stock. The combined toy railways was marketed as Tri-ang Hornby although the vast majority of the models was all Tri-ang. The Lines Bros empire itself ceased trading in 1971. From 1 January 1972, the model railways were re-branded Hornby Railways.

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